If you happen to have either of OnePlus' 2016 flagships (or both — no judgement here), there are new Open Beta builds available. Among other things, these updates bring the phones to Android 7.1.1 Nougat, which is great to see.

The changelogs for both the Open Beta 12 (OP3) and Open Beta 3 (OP3T) are the same, so here you go:

  • Upgraded to Android 7.1.1
  • New Shot on OnePlus wallpaper option
  • Gallery Improvements
    • New photo editor with watermark and photo straightening options
    • Newly added media will be highlighted in Photos section
    • Image location will be displayed on grid view
    • Media can be grouped by month and year
    • Folders and individual media can be hidden
  • General bug fixes

Known Issues and Fixes

  • Android pay not able to work on London TFL/Tube
    • This can be resolved by updating the app via Play store
  • Compatibility issues with certain third party apps

Other than the OS version bump, the phones are getting some new gallery improvements and wallpaper options. Not a huge deal, but I always like to see attempts to make things better. The known issue about Android Pay and the London Tube is amusingly specific, but just follow what the changelog mentions if that's a problem for you. As to the "compatibility issues with certain third party apps," I am not entirely sure what those might be. Some trial and error is to be expected.

If you're already on an Open Beta build, then you're golden — an OTA should be arriving for you soon. If you're on the stable channel or a custom ROM, you will need to flash the beta via adb sideload. Going back, as usual, requires a clean flash.

You can check out the forum posts in the source links below, or just jump to the appropriate downloads page.