Email really isn't designed to handle massive files being sent along with messages... but then, since the standard has been in use for decades, it's been modified in a lot of ways that weren't originally intended. Today Google is expanding email's capabilities some more, at least in terms of the Gmail system. According to the latest Gsuite blog post, Gmail users can now open attachments in incoming mail of up to 50 megabytes in size.

Keep in mind that this is only for Gmail (though other email systems may have similar or greater tolerances), and only for incoming mail, at least for the time being. Gmail still has a hard limit of 25MB for anything attached to an outgoing message or reply. (Note: the limit also applies to the combined total size of all attachments: you can't send two 25MB files in the same email, or receive two 50MB files.) The blog post makes it clear that Google would very much prefer you to use Drive for your larger files (which allows non-document files of up to 5 terabytes!). The change is simply to make it easier for users to receive oversized attachments from non-Gmail accounts, like massive PowerPoint presentations or Photoshop files.

Gmail users would do well to limit their attachments in any case, since Gmail storage isn't infinite, and receiving and sending multiple larger attachments will tend to eat up your free allotment of storage rather quickly. The new functionality should be rolling out to all users over the next few days.