Google's Docs and associated programs aren't really replacements for full desktop office suites - at least not yet. But little by little, the company keeps adding more and more features to their web and mobile tools. Sheets, the Google equivalent of Microsoft Excel and similar spreadsheet programs, is getting some crucial updates on the web and Android very soon. A big one is support for standard accounting number formatting (available in the Format menu). That's a huge boon for businesses that rely on Sheets.

Other changes, according to Google's G Suite blog, include the following:

  • Text rotation (see image above)
  • More cell border styles
  • Support for mouse input on Android app
  • Ability to view and select custom colors on Android app
  • Drag and drop support for rows and columns on Android app.

The blog post says that all users should see these web and mobile features by March 6th at the latest, with staged rollouts on both platforms occurring over the next couple of weeks. We should see an updated version of the Android app (along with the typical staged release schedule from Google) sometime between now and then. Web users won't see a specific update, though notifications may appear in the interface.

It looks like the Android Sheets update has been shoved down Google's various pipes, as it's now up and running over on APK Mirror. Expect to see it in the Play Store over the next week or two if you'd rather not go with the manual install.