Since its launch in November of last year, Google Home has only been sold officially in the US. Sure, you can buy it there and bring it overseas or probably grab it from some black market reseller in other countries, but "officially," the device is only available in the US. That should change soon.

Rick Osterloh, SVP of Hardware at Google, revealed in an interview to the BBC at Mobile World Congress that Google Home will be launching in the UK before the end of June. It will follow in the footsteps of Amazon which brought the Echo to the UK and Germany last fall.

An official launch not only means that users will be able to purchase Home easily in the UK without any intermediaries, but also that it should understand the various British accents better and that it might also have several new partners to make it appealing to UK users. There was no word from Rick Osterloh on pricing, but expect something around the 99-129 GBP mark, with taxes factored in.