Comcast is doing what Comcast does best: making its monopolized customers really, really hate the company. That's just Comcast's general state of being, but in this specific sense, it's all about the streaming cable TV app for Android. As promised, the former XFINITY TV app has been replaced with the all-new, all-different XFINITY Stream.

The new version of the app streams Comcast's entire cable lineup to your phone or tablet, so long as you're using your home Wi-Fi router - when out and about (you know, away from your big TV screens for watching TV on) the lineup is restricted to 200 live channels and whatever's on your DVR. The marketing material says that experience is similar to X1, the company's branded cable box... which makes sense, since it doesn't bear any resemblance to Android's Material Design. Also conspicuously absent is Chromecast streaming and Android TV compatibility... because you're already renting that X1 box, right?

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XFINITY Stream directly replaces the Play Store app listing for XFINITY TV, and users are making their displeasure known with a slew of negative reviews. Primary complaints include a lack of local channels when outside the home Wi-Fi network, lack of casting functionality, and a surprisingly huge typeface. To be fair, it's not as if the old TV app (or any of the similar apps from Comcast's competitors) was especially well-loved.

Xfinity Stream
Xfinity Stream
Developer: Comcast
Price: Free