We interrupt our MWC reporting now to bring you some Very Important Breaking News That Couldn't Wait Any Second Longer™. (Read: Rita got bored of spec sheets and wanted to have some light fun.)

Remember Samsung's Family Hub fridge? Yeah, that one, the ridiculous fridge that looks like it has a Droid slapped on the front, the same fridge that's probably more expensive than your entire current kitchen and appliance fleet combined, yup that fridge. Well, it has a Family Hub app and now that app is available on the Play Store. So Samsung can easily issue updates and you can easily apply them. For the app. On your fridge. Please tell me you see the ridiculousness and maybe even the futuristic weirdness of the situation.

Family Hub, the app, like the fridge, wants to be the center of the family's planning and communication. It can manage schedules, to-do lists, shopping lists, and it lets you jot down memos, write as if on a whiteboard, explore recipes, peek inside the fridge without opening it. It can also upload photos... for some reason. I've always wanted to view photos on my fridge. Maybe if you see pics of your cousin once again in her bikini at the beach with her 5 children, you'll stop reaching for that bucket of Ben & Jerry's.


Samsung Family Hub is available for free on the Play Store, but it's not compatible with any ordinary ol' Android device like my Galaxy S7 Edge. It's probably only compatible with the Family Hub fridge. You can find the file on APK Mirror if you want to try installing it on your phone. I wonder what peeking inside then does... That would have been fun to try with the Note7.

Alternate title: [This app keeps freezing] Samsung Family Hub goes to the Store to shop for new users