Is there anything we don't know or haven't seen from the Galaxy S8 yet? I highly doubt it. Samsung's next flagship has been leaked, again, and again, and that's just a selection of the news we reported, which were already curated from the dozens of leaks that have been flooding the web over the past weeks. Yet ironically, the more advanced these leaked devices get and the better their cameras are, the more the leaks themselves seem like they're coming from a 2MP camera from 2008. Can someone spare a hundred bucks to buy these leaksters a decent pocket camera?

Anyway, today we have a few leaks deluge of Galaxy S8 photos and videos that leave no stone unturned. Front, sides, screen, keyboard, and that silly fingerprint reader placement on the back (hello camera lens smudges!), they're all here. We're starting with this set of images of the S8 and S8 Plus in a hard case showing the buttons on the sides, USB-C port, bottom speaker and 3.5mm plug, and the camera/fingerprint cluster on the back.

Then there are these two very short videos of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. I can't find anything special in the videos, but they do depict the devices running and show how huge the display is compared to the entire body of the phones.

There's still a month left until March 29 when Samsung will officially take the wraps off the two phones, so brace yourself for a tsunami of photos and videos in the meantime.

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