Sony can't catch a break. Following the XZ Premium leak from just a few hours ago, a picture of four unannounced Sony smartphones has surfaced, courtesy of our old friend @evleaks. One of those is the aforementioned XZ Premium, but what are the other three?

Well, we don't know, as Evan's description is pretty unrevealing. The only device I can immediately identify is the XZ Premium, which is third from the left. Judging from its larger stature, more sizable front-facing camera, and front-facing flash, I'm assuming that the gold device is a successor to the Xperia XA Ultra, but this is all guesswork.

Another logical inference that can be made is that the right two devices, one of which is the XZ Premium, are more high-end than the left two due to the small black windows on their backs (which contains laser autofocus, a color spectrum sensor, and flash on the XZ). Strengthening that thought are the side-mounted fingerprint sensors that the two phones to the right feature, while the two phones to the left have circular power buttons. The light blue phone appears to be the only one with dual SIM capabilities, though that could always vary by region, and the only one without a visual NFC indicator on the back.

All of the devices feature Sony's handsome loop design (curved front and back edges), dual front-facing speakers, larger-than-average bezels, and camera buttons on the side (a rarity these days). Personally, I'm looking forward to the XZ Premium, which is rumored to have a 4K HDR display, a Snapdragon 835, and 960fps slow-motion recording capabilities.

Let us know if there's more you can glean from this photo, as I'm all out of ideas.

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