Even with its successor right around the corner, the LG G5 is not all that bad of a phone. It might be a little bit weird, but at least it has good specs and Nougat. So if you're looking for a decent phone on the cheap, then you may want to check out what Best Buy is offering. The carrier versions of the G5 are on sale for the 24-month installment plans. Sprint has the best deal at $9.99 per month, making the phone effectively $239.76 after two years.

That's not a bad price at all, especially considering that the full retail price for the Sprint version is $579.99. Verizon and AT&T are also getting some sales here, so for the sake of readability, here's a breakdown of Best Buy's pricings:

  • Verizon: $15/month for 24 months, $360 end price; compare to $549.99 (Silver) - $619.99 (Titan) retail price
  • AT&T: $12/month for 24 months with AT&T Next ($15/month with Next Every Year), $288 end price; compare to $599.99 (all colors) retail price
  • Unlocked: $399.99 ($250 off); compare to the recent eBay deal

That's a lot of sales on a year-old phone, which is to be expected. It's hard to tell if you can enroll in the payment plan and then just pay off the phone early, but here's what I could find. Sprint's terms do specify that a customer "can pay more than their scheduled monthly Installment Agreement." Verizon, on the other hand, only allows you to either make your regular payment or pay off the device entirely for the "device payment agreement balance." AT&T is similar: "to pay off your installment agreement early, you must pay the entire balance."

So it's definitely worth asking the Best Buy employees if that's something you're interested in. Also, pay no attention to the banner at the top of the source link. It claims that the Sprint G5 is $15/month when it is clearly $9.99/month.