There are uncountable cheap Bluetooth headphones available these days, but the more expensive sets from established companies do tend to offer more features. If you don't have to actually pay more, then it's a win-win. Samsung's Level U Pro Bluetooth headphones are currently on sale for a mere $29.99 on B&H. That's $70 off the retail price.

The Samsung Level U Pro support 24bit digital audio over Bluetooth, and you can tweak the performance using the Samsung Level app. There are also dual microphones for placing calls or talking to your phone. You'll get about nine hours of battery life from a charge.

The sale at B&H is only good for the rest of the day (ends at midnight East Coast time). Amazon matched the sale price earlier, but it has since gone back up a little to $39.90. That's not a bad price, but you should order from B&H today if you want to pick these up.