For those of you T-Mobilites that don't dig the LG V20, I've got another deal for you to check out. The big LG plablet isn't the only phone that's currently on sale at Magenta Mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are also marked down to the same killer low price of just $360. Yup, both are that price, no premium up-charge for the more svelte and curvaceous Edge. 

There are no strings attached to the promotion, you just need to be a T-Mobile customer. You can choose to purchase either device up front, or finance it for $15 a month for 24 months, either way, the price is the same 360 bucks, a whopping $419 less than its normal retail price. The only bummer is there is no free projector like the one you get with the V20.

To pick one up for yourself, just head over to T-Mobile's online store and select your favorite color of either the S7, or S7 Edge. As an FYI, T-Mobile's site appears to be going down intermittently right now (nothing says good deal like a broken website). You can also venture into your local T-Mobile store to buy one, as long as you are wary of bill stuffing sales reps, possible limited inventory, and aggressive deal hunters.