We've published quite a few Deal Alerts already today, and that trend isn't stopping. As fellow tech geeks, it's our sworn duty to inform you all about any great prices on technology we find out there. In case today's deals on other Samsung products, like the Gear 360 camera or Level U Pro wireless headphones, didn't tickle your fancy, we've got some more coming your way right now.

Groupon has got quite a few deals on Samsung products. First up, though, are the Level On Wireless headphones. These feature noise canceling, great sound quality, and touch controls built into the frame. It is worth noting that some Amazon reviews complain about the build quality, but they still maintain a four-star rating overall. For $99.99, which is 50% off what they usually cost, with free shipping, they might be worth taking a look at. This deal will expire in a little under five hours, as of publishing time. A smaller eBay seller also has a few of these at $96.99, but who knows how long those will last.

Next up are Samsung's Gear Circle Bluetooth headphones. This lightweight headset sits around your neck and offers sweat-resistant capabilities. It, like the Level On Wireless, has a four-star rating on Amazon, where it retails for between $53.99 and $80.79. Groupon, however, has them for just $34.99. Unfortunately for haters of non-greyscale colors, only the Blue and Royal Blue colors are still available. This deal will also expire in around five hours.

Lastly, Samsung's Radiant 360 R1 WiFi/Bluetooth speakers are on sale as well. These are Samsung's entry-level WiFi speakers, and they usually retail for $179.99. They also have a four-star rating on Amazon (which doesn't currently sell these), with people complimenting the sound quality, but complaining about the app that controls them. Groupon will sell you one for $69.99, two for $129.99, three for $199.99, or four for $269.99. Get a bunch of these and stick them around your house! This sale is expiring in a little over two days, so you have some time to think about it.

Groupon has a few other decent deals on Samsung products for today, so feel free to comb through the page and see what other gadgets you can waste your money on.

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