The CNN app has been on Android for many years at this point, and it's gone through several redesigns. Not all of them have been welcomed by users. In fact, people usually complain loudly. This time is no exception. CNN has revamped its app for the v5.0 update. It's quite different.

The changelog isn't very descriptive, saying, "The entire app has been rebuilt for speed, simplicity, in-depth story telling and a focused, first-in-class video experience." I think it's undeniably a smoother experience, and the notification settings are nice. Navigation is much clearer in the new app with its tab layout as well.

There are a substantial number of reviews in the Play Store complaining about the new design, which focuses on large images as you scroll through headlines. You can basically only see one story on the screen at a time. That means a lot more scrolling just to see the headlines. This is a valid concern, but I suspect people will eventually adjust. There are some pics of the old app below for comparison.

The old app

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