The Bank of America Android app had its material overhaul last year, so it already looks better than a ton of banking apps. However, today it's getting better, with the new ability to send, receive, or request money from almost anyone in your contacts.

Left: before. Right: after.

Previously, money could be sent, but it did not use your phone's address book, and requesting money was difficult. The new feature, however, uses your phone's address book to get emails of the person you want to send money to, or request money from. Sending money is pretty the same as before, or any other service, with the addition of it being able to use anyone of your contact list. Select send, choose a person and the amount of money, press send, done. Requesting is essentially the same process, but reversed - instead of sending money, you're asking for it. An amount of money can also be split over different people - say you went a restaurant with friends and you paid. The bill could now be split with the people you went with, directly in the app. All this uses integration from Zelle, which according to Bank of America is a "revolutionary new banking service," coming later this year.

Leftmiddle: Splitting a bill. Note the contact list on the second picture. Right: requesting money from someone.


We’ve made it easier to send and receive money with almost anyone, no matter where they bank.
• Easily send money using your phone’s contact list
• Request money from others
• Split the bill with friends
• Track your money requests

The Bank of America app is available on Google Play now, or we have it at APK Mirror if that's your thing.