In what appears to be a server-side update to the service, WhatsApp has announced a new "statuses" feature today that really isn't about chat status so much as it is a rip-off of Snapchat's Stories (which was earlier ripped off by Instagram last year). If you know what Snapchat Stories is, you know what today's WhatsApp update is: it really is that similar. Take a look at the video and screenshots below.

Screenshot_20170220-200802 Screenshot_20170220-200808 Screenshot_20170220-200816

WhatsApp statuses expire after 24 hours, you can place pictures, videos, or GIFs in them, and they can then be personalized with emoji, text, and drawings. It even has a Snapchat-like "seen by" counter. WhatsApp also assures you that, just like your messages, statuses are end-to-end encrypted. It's not hard to imagine we'll eventually see filters and scenes here a la Snapchat, too. The new feature is rolling out to all platforms for WhatsApp today, though not everyone has it just yet.

For more, check out WhatsApp's blog post.

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