Verizon has been making a lot of headlines with new wireless plans as of late, but they've all been in the realm of post-paid customers, those data-hungry hoity-toity bourgeoisie one percenters of the wireless world. The company hasn't forgotten the little guy, in so much as that little guy can afford a Verizon-compatible phone and some of the most expensive dollar-per-gig rates in the industry. Today they've announced a new 2GB prepaid option for $40, which is now the cheapest prepaid plan on the network.

That's beneath the $50/5GB plan and the $70/10GB plan, both of which are objectively better deals in terms of pure value. But then, perhaps that $50 floor was keeping a lot of customers away from Verizon's generally quite good coverage, which tends to beat out every other carrier for rural penetration (except AT&T in some locations). Verizon's prepaid options have become a lot more attractive since they've added "Always-On Data" - 128kbps after the data cap might not let you stream Pandora reliably, but it won't hit you with any overage charges, either. Verizon's CarryOver data, which allows customers to roll over unused data for one month (and only one month), is a nice touch, even if it's less forgiving than other carriers.

That said, unless you really need Verizon's top-tier coverage there are better prepaid deals to be had from almost any other carrier. T-Mobile's prepaid options start at $40 a month for 3GB, and the unadvertised $30/5GB plan is apparently still around. Sprint has the same starting price and tier for prepaid, AT&T actually offers more with a 4GB/$40 option, and there are way better deals to be had at the various smaller MVNO carriers. The 2GB Verizon plan isn't live on the website yet, but it should show up later today.