T-Mobile announced some significant changes to its ONE plan recently to counter Verizon's new unlimited offer. That new plan is live today, and there are a few other small changes worth knowing about. T-Mobile's international roaming will be faster and the Plus upgrade is cheaper.

T-Mobile offers roaming in more than 140 countries free with ONE (and grandfathered Simple Choice plans). Previously that was limited to 128Kbps 2G. Now, it'll be faster 2G at up to 256Kbps (Tmo calls this 3G, but that's a lie). It's unclear it this will apply to older plans too. Actual speeds will vary based on the quality of the local network.

The add-on plans are getting a tweak as well. The Plus add-on didn't make sense at $15 per month anymore now that HD video is included in the base plan. So now it's $5 per month and includes unlimited GoGo in-flight WiFi, Name ID, and voicemail to text. The ONE Plus International plan still exists at $25 extra per month and includes unlimited LTE hotspot, calls to landlines in 70+ countries, and all of the above.