Everyone enjoys making music of some kind, from children hitting pots and pans together to an experienced musician performing to a sell-out crowd. I'm tone deaf and even I enjoy it. Today, Google announced it has a new experiment, A.I. Duet, which uses machine learning to respond to music that you play.

A.I. Duet was built by developer and musician Yotam Mann, based on the Magenta framework Google released last year. Using this, he's been able to have artificial intelligence learn how to play music based on hundreds or thousands of samples, through machine learning. While computers have been able to play music for a while, they would have to have been taught how to play. With machine learning, the computer can essentially teach itself.

Even if you're not at all musical, the computer will still try to respond with something coherent. I just enjoyed hitting keys and seeing what the computer came out with. Give it a go here, and hit the source link for more information.