The world is moving beyond the venerable microUSB cable. USB Type-C is where it's at, and that means you'll need to replace your cables. That brings up two potential issues: you don't want to spend a lot of money, but you also want good cables. Well, the highly regarded Choetech cables are on sale, so that solves that.

These cables are (if you care about such things) Benson-approved. Thus, they should not cause damage to your device or charging hardware. The cables come in packs of three or six and with various cable configurations. Here are the items on sale.

The 6-packs include various cable lengths, which is handy if you've got chargers in multiple rooms. The above discounts require coupon codes at checkout. For the C to C 6-pack, it's JJZY88CI. The A to C 3-pack is LDKQIZ89. And the A to C 6-pack is FT5F8OM6. They all have Prime shipping for those of you with an subscription.