Last November, Skype unveiled its Skype for Insiders closed beta program, where registered users would be able to try a test version of the Skype app that would get new features first, then send feedback and suggestions to the team to help improve it. The goal of the program was to enhance the ease of use and reliability of Skype.

Today, the Skype for Insiders app has been published on the Play Store, though still under an unreleased beta state and with a new name: Skype Preview. It looks quite different from the regular Skype app, with a more distinct Snapchat vibe than a corporate messenger vibe. There are emojis and pictures and text options inside video calls as well as reactions and votes to messages in chat. When inside a chat, swiping to the left or right launches a search or the camera, respectively. That lets you find restaurants, videos, links, news, or take spontaneous photos or videos to share with other participants.

Skype Preview is available for all on the Play Store, but you will need to join the open beta first to get access to it. Or you could grab the file directly from APK Mirror.

Skype has officially announced Skype Preview with a focus on the 4 novelties in the app: in-call reactions, messaging reactions, integrated camera with chats, and find panel. It's available both on Android and also iOS through Apple's TestFlight.

Skype Beta
Skype Beta
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