The Pokemon Company has announced a new game today titled Splash! Magikarp (Hanero! Koiking), set to be released in Japan this Spring. With this new upcoming release, it would appear that the Pokemon Company is ramping up production of offshoot Pokemon themed games and apps for mobile.

This should not come as much of a surprise considering the popularity Pokemon has been enjoying since Go was released. The cash cow of Pokemon video games is no longer just for Nintendo platforms (although it still has the best). This will be the sixth release from The Pokemon Company, and the seventh official Pokemon franchise title released on Android.

Current details are pretty light, but we do know that Splash! Magikarp is being developed by Select Button Inc, whose game Survive! Mola mola! has seen a good bit of popularity. Here you can see the faux newspaper article from the announcement, in Japanese of course.

For those interested in what this says in English, here is what Google Translate spit out at me.

COMING SOON ... Spring of 2017 Android / iOS Traditional taste Koiking Yaki Discovery's Fishing Aniki. What is it? It was discovered that there are two holes with a maximum width of approximately 90 meters on the ground like the center of the town, the center of the town, the center of the town. Fisher's fishing Aniki felt a shake with the roaring sound early in the morning. I was surprised that a thought-shaped hole was opened as I looked towards those who were injured. " At the town hall, we started to investigate the cause. Nd Sen e0 \ - - M Spring 0 Year

As you can see, this leaves quite a bit of mystery as to what type of game this will be. In my opinion, it's a successful teaser. Everyone will want to know how Magikarp, the weakest Pokemon of them all, will star in its own game. It is still unknown whether this will see a release in the West, but further details will surely be coming in the next few months.