Camera company Kodak went bankrupt a while back, but managed to save itself by selling its brand off to anyone who wanted it. Since then, the Kodak name has been pilfered and used to market cheap Android devices. It's a sad state of affairs for the once-great manufacturer, but maybe it's about to get better (or worse, depending on your point of view): ARCHOS has been signed as a brand licensee in Europe, following the release of the Kodak EKTRA smartphone last year.

ARCHOS is well-known for the line of mediocre, budget Android tablets the company makes. Presumably, the new Kodak devices will be the same sort of thing, but with the legendary American imaging company's name slapped on it. The tablets, which will combine "chic design" with the "latest technologies" will be pre-loaded with photo and video apps for creative users. They'll also have an 8 megapixel rear camera on them, for taking pictures of friends and family, and 3G, for fast connectivity.

If I had to guess, people who remember Kodak at its height will buy these, because they have the Kodak name on them. This is a sure fire way for ARCHOS to get sales. These new tablets will be available in summer 2017, and although the press release doesn't say how much they'll cost, they'll probably be on the budget end of the market.

Press Release

Eastman Kodak Company today announced it has selected ARCHOS, a pioneer in consumer electronics and a strong pan-European company, as a brand licensee in the European tablet market.

The agreement with ARCHOS is the latest extension of Kodak’s brand licensing program and follows on the heels of the successful European launch of the KODAK EKTRA Smartphone.

“We are very proud to become one of Kodak’s licensees to jointly develop their brand into the tablet world. We truly look forward to putting these devices into people’s hands”, said ARCHOS CEO, Loïc Poirier.

”We are excited to be adding ARCHOS to our portfolio of brand licensees,” said Brian Cruz, Vice President and General Manager of Kodak’s Consumer Products Group. “ARCHOS has a strong track record in the computer tablet sector. The French brand was the first to introduce a GOOGLE ANDROID tablet in 2009 and is recognized as a key player in the European tablet market with broad retail presence.”

The KODAK tablet products will combine chic design with the latest technologies. Apps preloaded on the tablets will provide photo and video enthusiasts with creative options and an 8MP back camera for catching and enjoying memories from daily life will be included. 3G connectivity will enable consumers to share their favorite photos and videos in real time with family and friends.

The KODAK tablets will be available in stores across Europe before summer 2017.