JerryRigEverything is back with another one of his signature snuff films phone abuse videos. This time he's taking his graded MOH picks to the Mate 9, Huawei's latest premium offering. The big, bold device has been generally well-received thanks to typically solid hardware and much-improved software; shipping with Nougat was a nice touch. The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel doesn't really care about that - it's all about how much physical abuse the phone can take.

Despite some initial trepidation due to Huawei's poor performance in similar tests, the Mate 9 comes out with an overall favorable rating and a thumbs up from the channel. Highlights include a full metal body that's physically screwed to the frame, a metal earpiece and buttons, and smart recesses for the flash, laser autofocus, and fingerprint sensor which means they're mostly protected despite being mere plastic. The tempered glass on the screen and dual-lens camera module aren't particularly impenetrable, but they resist up to 6 MOH hardness, much better than previous Huawei models.

The dramatic bend test does pop the screen out of the body a bit, but the metal shell screwed directly into the frame means the phone will survive all but the most stressful bends. Check out the video above for the cringe-inducing goodness, including a little bit of fun shade thrown at everyone's favorite Cupertino megacorp.