Have you always wanted to try Google's Inbox email application, but don't have or use a Gmail address? EasilyDo, developer of EasilyDo Assistant, has released the appropriately-named 'Email.' As you can imagine from the name, it's yet another email application trying to sort your messages intelligently.


Just like Inbox (and to an extent, Gmail), messages are sorted into categories - subscriptions, travel, packages, etc. It also has a few other useful features - a one-tap button to unsubscribe from junk mail, notifications for changes to flight and hotel plans, and package tracking.

EasilyDo claims that the application syncs everything locally, so you shouldn't have to worry about it keeping copies of your messages on another server. Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook.com, iCloud, Outlook 356, and AOL are all supported, along with any other IMAP-compatible email providers. You can grab it from the Play Store below, or from APKMirror.