News is extremely vital to how our societies function — making sure you find solid, fact-checked stories is an important aspect of that. Google has already taken steps to assist in that endeavor in the United States, France, and Germany, and now Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are getting the same treatment.

Fact-checking comes to both the Google News & Weather app and desktop News Search in these countries. Stories with the fact-check tag will be elevated and marked accordingly. Google notes that the expansion of fact-checking has expanded greatly across the world, thanks to some 120 organizations that chip in. In the last few years, El Goog has made an effort in Europe to help various media outlets. Just last week, it announced a partnership with 20 French newsrooms to help debunk myths and misinformation in regards to that nation's election.


Google's examples

The long-term goal is to expand this effort to more countries across the world. Publishers can participate by adding a special markup to their stories; doing so will allow Google to pull out those articles for this initiative. If more media entities and outlets join in, this will hopefully continue to grow in size and prevalence.