AccuWeather has supported Android Wear for a while now, but the companion app has always been somewhat feature-light. It only showed data for your default location, and only displayed predicted temperatures for a few hours into the future. Now AccuWeather has released a full standalone application for Android Wear 2.0 - no smartphone app required.

In addition to displaying current conditions, the updated app can show Hourly or Daily forecasts. You can also add multiple locations, change between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and switch date and time formats. The difference is quite substantial:


The old AccuWeather app on the Huawei Watch.


The new standalone app on the Huawei Watch.

The app also includes a watchface you can use, seen below, that shows the current conditions at the top. AccuWeather can also provide data to other watchfaces, including current conditions, precipitation, temperature, wind speed, and more.


If you have the Android Wear 2.0 update, you can find the AccuWeather app on your watch's Play Store. If you're still waiting for the update (or your watch was left behind), the old Android Wear companion app will continue to work.