Google seems to be trying many new things in terms of content on YouTube, including video thumbnails once a video has been completed, cards at the top of searches, video recommendations as notifications, and numerous tweaks to the now playing screen. We've been made aware by multiple readers of a new video suggestion feature while watching a full-screen video.

In the most recent version of the YouTube app, 12.05, when watching a full-screen video, suggestions will pop up at the bottom, giving you ideas for what to watch next. These show up as a preview of a thumbnail, but can be tapped on to bring them into view. Presumably, this is an attempt by Google to get people watching something else if they're bored with what they're watching, which would seem to be a wise move, because ads.

None of the Android Police team members I've spoken to are seeing this, but we've been getting numerous tips about it recently. This means it is almost certainly rolling out via a server-side update, as is the norm these days. The YouTube app is available on Google Play, or if you want it directly, we have it at APK Mirror. If you're seeing these thumbnail previews, do let us know in the comments.

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