Using Google services as a couple or a group is sometimes a little tough. Some services lend themselves well to sharing, like Keep, Drive, Photos, and Calendar, but others are often cause for frustration. What if you have a common group of contacts you want to always keep up-to-date with others? How about an easy way to get emails from common friends and events and subscriptions without opening a common inbox? The worse though is Maps: you don't have an easy option to share your trip plans or starred places or list of attractions or restaurants you want to visit. That has been a big annoyance for me as I check different honeymoon options with my fiancé.

But thankfully, it's about to change starting today. Google Maps is making custom lists, which were added back in August of 2016, shareable. This means that any list you create can be shared with your partner, but also your friends or family members or anyone and everyone you might be planning a common event with. The share button will show up in the list title bar and will let you send a link through different apps. Once another user gets the link, all they have to do is follow the list to keep it accessible from their places section.

With all of the changes in the recent years, Google Maps has quickly become one of my all-time favorite apps from Google and on Android in general. From traffic info to driving mode, Local Guides program, offline maps, custom lists, custom labels, and now shared lists, the Maps team is hitting it out of the park.

As for when you can expect this, Google says it's starting to roll out today: we're not sure if that means it's a server-side switch or if it requires a new version of Maps. Cody tells me that this shared lists option that he discovered in his teardown of Maps 9.45 beta seems ready to go live, so it could be that a simple server flip is required to turn it on for everyone. We'll update this post with a download link if we discover that it requires a new version of Maps.