Tesla has the perfect companion for your automotive technological marvel, allowing you to communicate with your vehicle at any time or place. If you happen to be one of the lucky owners of a Roadster, Model S, or X, be looking for this update — you're really going to want to. It brings a completely new design as well as fingerprint authentication for using keyless driving.

As usual, here's the changelog for v3:

The Tesla app has been completely redesigned to streamline access to important information and controls.
  • Access frequently used controls with one tap on the home screen
  • Use keyless driving quickly with Fingerprint Authentication

With the app, Tesla allows you to view the charging status, set and control the temperature, use your phone as a key fob for keyless entry, and many other cool things. Some users are reporting that the app still does not allow for preheating the seats, but I can only imagine that is coming soon.

In case anyone is wondering what it looked like before, here are some screenshots:


Scary, right?

And in these, you can see how things have changed. Much better.


In a past life, I got to test drive Teslas, but those days are gone. Anyhow, the update should be live for everyone in the Play Store, so go check it out.

Developer: Tesla, Inc.
Price: Free