It was a good seven months ago now that we saw evidence of a tweaked YouTube UI, exposing video buttons and rearranging things slightly. As of YouTube version 12.03, it appears this has now rolled out more widely, although it is vaguely different from the UI shown in August.

The new UI, which is more of a light tweak than anything else, makes the like, dislike, share, and add to buttons a lot more prominent below a video. It's worth noting that the previous version of this, back in August, did not include the dislike button. Presumably, Google found in its testing that if these are exposed, users are more likely to click on them. It's a fairly innocuous change, all told, so this shouldn't cause too much indignation or outrage, although the UI does look a little busier now. There's also a cool new animation when expanding the video description. However, the aforementioned buttons used to minimise when an overflow button was tapped has now disappeared; the buttons are permanently in place here.


Left: description minimised. Right: description expanded.

It's possible this is rolling out as a server-side update, reaching progressively more people as time wears on. Or, it could be included in YouTube 12.03. Either way, the update is available on Google Play now, or if you'd prefer not to wait, we have it at our sister site APK Mirror. The choice is yours.

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