Today brings a new step for Wikipedia. Its Android app is finally getting a proper beta program after years of juggling dual apps, which is fantastic. Even better, two-factor authentication for our accounts is on the horizon.

Before we get too much further, here's the changelog (after signing up for the beta):

  • Two-factor authentication support and login fixes
  • Improved network performance and offline support for cached page previews
  • Better multi-window support
  • Minor UI refinements to gallery and page previews
  • Several major crash fixes

So let's first commend Wikipedia for implementing Google's smoother way of beta testing apps. I am also very glad to see 2FA. Word has it that this has been tested in limited groups thus far, so we'll hopefully see a wider rollout soon. If you're anxious to get going on the beta proper and don't want to wait for the Play Store to send you the new version of the app, head over to APKMirror.

Price: Free