I have a weakness for adorable puzzlers. Mix some colorful environments, smart gameplay mechanics, and a cute creature that makes hilarious sounds, and I'm smitten for hours. That said, it's a miracle that I was even able to put my phone down to write this post. Splitter Critters is just kryptonite for me. As Alex and Penny would say, "OMG cute, so cute, supa cute(...) Suh cyuht!"

You're in charge of those small adorable blue critters in Splitter Critters and you need to guide them back to their spaceship. They're alien critters and they seem to be lost, it's just your duty as a human to help them. To do so, you split the world and slide it to rearrange it. It's not just smart, it's also a little disconcerting because you can create weird designs that make no sense just in order to help your critters move from one platform to another.

The critters can walk, jump down, float and swim, but they can't jump up and they are killed by those evil big brown hairy monsters. There's also a fast red critter that can kill the brown one and probably more creatures as the game advances. (I had to stop playing at one point to write this.) The genius of the game lies not only in how you split the world and move it, but also the timing, the different obstacles and mistakes, and the fact that the Undo button changes back the splits but, surprisingly, doesn't bring your critter back to where it was before you made the split. It's a genius mechanic once you know how to use it to your advantage.

Splitter Critters is made by the same team behind the immersive Dark Echo and costs $3 on the Play Store with no ads, no additional in-app purchases, and a beautiful soundtrack that changes with every world. That's all I'll say, sorry, my critters await.

Splitter Critters
Splitter Critters
Developer: RAC7
Price: $2.99