Remembering what we want to buy when going shopping is a problem that plagues many members of the human race, so naturally, we use apps to fill that gap. Of the most popular of said apps is Out of Milk, an Android-only application which has just been acquired by Retale, which will nearly double the latter's userbase in the process.

Retale, if you're unaware, is a "provider of mobile-first shopping experiences" in the US. Its app features deals, coupons, vouchers from large brick-and-mortar stores, plus the ability to follow your favorite retailers. Presumably, Retale thought it would be easier to purchase an existing shopping list app instead of making one from scratch (in today's bloated, cramped app environment, it's probably a fair assumption), and Out of Milk came out on top. So here we are.

For what it's worth, Out of Milk has some cool features, including adding products via barcode or voice recognition, and lists can be shared across family members for easy, stress-free shopping. It's one of the most popular shopping list apps in the United States, apparently, with almost 10 million downloads, 25 million shopping lists created, and a 4.6 rating on the Play Store. In light of the acquisition, it'll be interesting to see what happens to Out of Milk going forward, and if Retale will change things or keep them as they are.

Press Release

Retale (, a technology company that develops mobile-first shopping experiences, today announced the acquisition of Out of Milk, the biggest shopping list app on Android in North America, with close to ten million downloads. Out of Milk delivers on Retale's core mission -- to provide mobile products and services that meet shoppers' needs at every stage of the customer journey.

Available on Android and iOS, Out of Milk simplifies the shopping experience, conveniently letting users create, manage and share shopping lists. With the Out of Milk mobile app, users can quickly build detailed shopping lists, then manage them effortlessly -- adding or deleting items while keeping track of price, quantity, coupons, and more. Products can be added by typing, scanning barcodes, or voice recognition. Out of Milk also makes it easy to share lists with family and friends on mobile, desktop and email; shopping lists are instantly synced as changes are made across devices and platforms, eliminating any confusion from store visits.

"Out of Milk is the top-ranked shopping list app on Android in the US and Canada," said Christian Gaiser, CEO & founder of Retale. "It has tremendous scale in mobile shopping and addresses a key piece of the in-store customer journey as we, at Retale, strive to be the ultimate mobile shopping companion. By adding it to our business, we are able to meet the needs of shoppers at a different stage of the purchase funnel and nearly double our user base in the US."

In addition to its size, Out of Milk's user base consists of highly engaged in-market shoppers. To date, they have built more than 25 million shopping lists since the service launched in 2011. The app's usability -- driven by its simple, intuitive interface and easy list-sharing capabilities -- has driven its success among shoppers. Today, Out of Milk has an impressive 4.6 overall rating in the Google Play Store across 200,000 reviews.

"To deliver value to our users, as well as retail, agency and brand partners, it is critical to target every stage of the customer journey -- from product and deal discovery at the top of the funnel to further down, when creating shopping lists in advance of a store visit," added Gaiser. "Out of Milk reinforces that focus and broadens the mobile capabilities we bring to market. We are committed to expanding our portfolio to continue to meet the needs of shoppers, either organically or with strategic acquisitions."

Founded in October 2013, Retale has quickly become a go-to shopping resource for today's mobile shopper. Reinventing the way shoppers consume information from stores and brands, Retale enables 25 million active users worldwide to discover and receive great savings through ads and coupons, as well as get up-to-date store information through Retale's mobile app and website. All information is location-based, making it possible for shoppers to find the best offers on products at the most convenient location for them. 5,200 of the world's top retailers and brands, with 1.4 million store locations globally, currently use Retale's platform, including JCPenney, Big Lots, Target and Macy's.