By now, you must know a lot about the new LG Style and Sport watches and all that they can and can't do. What you don't know is a little added functionality that's just handy to have, even if it won't have that much impact on your daily use.

When booting up, the new LG watches show the time on top of the spinning and expanding colorful circles animation for Android Wear. The animation only lasts a few seconds and you probably don't reboot your watch often enough to care, or you're not impatient to need to know the exact time this very second without being able to wait until the watch has fully booted, but it's a nice touch.

The timestamp doesn't show up on the Huawei Watch on the latest Android Wear 2.0 Dev Preview, so this might be a special feature implemented by LG for its new watches. It could also be a feature for Wear 2.0 for all of LG's watches, including the ones that will receive the update later, or it could also be a global Wear 2.0 feature that will show up on all watches. We can't be sure now, but we like it regardless.