This should come as no surprise to anyone, but Google has released the final version of the Android Wear 2.0 SDK. It adds support for everything announced with the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport yesterday, and also makes a few revisions to some of the app approval processes. On that note, there are two things in this final version to pay attention to (if you're a developer).

Support has been added for the new hardware changes, i.e the physical button locations and the rotary scrolling. For the time being, you'll need one of the two new LG watches to test out any changes to your apps. The Android Development team is working to add those new features to the emulator, though.

The other notable change is that the Android Wear App Quality review process is being overhauled. Enhancing your phone application with a Wear tie-in will no longer be sufficient to pass. Also, you will need to upload a watch APK that is compatible with the new version of Wear. Only apps that pass these things will be eligible for Play Store badging and Wear Top Charts.

Factory images are available for preview devices. Visit the source link if you're looking for documentation and the like.