Facebook is still trying to be your one-stop shop for everything. We've seen the social media platform evolve in ridiculous leaps over the years, the latest evidence of that being a weather section. While it shows only the most basic information, it's still an interesting step.

This feature is found in the "See All" section under Apps (the one with friends, Events, Groups, etc.) in the Settings menu. Yeah, it's pretty buried. Once you finally get there, you will see the current weather and forecast for your location, as well as an hourly breakdown and the next five days' worth of stuff. You also get a cartoon drawing of your area's status. While mine is pretty boring, I have seen some other, cooler ones from around the country.

To contrast the difficulty of actually getting to the Weather app, Facebook is supposedly placing weather greetings right at the top of the News Feed, just below the text box for status updates. This has not shown up for me yet, but the company is apparently testing it and additional weather notifications at the moment.


The app will default to your current location, but you can add others. In order to switch between them, you have to go into the Weather settings and manually select each one. All of this information comes from Weather.com, which you can access by tapping the little "See more weather info" at the bottom of the screen.

It would appear that Facebook wants to keep you in its app for as long as possible. More and more stuff keeps getting piled on, which is why I personally prefer an alternative. Still, it's cool to see that the platform is trying to improve in meaningful ways. The Weather app (or would it be called a sub-app?) should be available to 95% of users at this point, with the News Feed greetings and notifications in testing and hopefully widely available by the end of the month.