When you're creating a Google Slides presentation, you can insert videos from YouTube, but what if the video you want to add isn't published there or you want to add a more personal movie? In the next few days, the option to add videos stored on your Google Drive will be rolling out to users.

Adding Drive videos will only be possible from the web version of Slides, but viewing them is available on both web and mobile. If you've shared your presentation, other users who don't have permission to view a video will have the option to request access.

After adding a video from Drive to your slide, right-click on it and go to Video Options to specify the time of the video you want playback to start and end at, enable autoplay during a presentation, and toggle audio on and off.

The option will be rolling to all Google Slides users over the next few days, so you'll want to hold your breath if you don't see it yet.