Adidas bought Runtastic in August of 2015 for more than $200 Millions, and since then, we haven't seen a lot of signs of that acquisition. But that changes now with the news that Adidas will be shutting down its own sports platform and apps, miCoach, and focusing instead on Runtastic.

Compared to miCoach, Runtastic is more developed, has more features and more users, and is compatible and integrated with plenty of third-party apps and accessories. If you ask me, it seems like the better service and Adidas is making the right choice, even if this could anger or annoy some miCoach users.

But thankfully, Adidas is making the switch as smooth as possible. miCoach will stay alive until December 31, 2018 so users have almost two years to find a replacement, export their data, or migrate it. After that date, all the miCoach data will be deleted and no longer accessible.

Adidas has provided a special migration solution for miCoach users that will take as much as it can from their data and move it over to Runtastic. There will be some limitations though, like different training plans, loss of detailed data in the Strength & Flex programs, and some incompatibilities between a couple of miCoach gadgets and Runtastic, but Adidas is offering a free Premium Runtastic membership to mitigate those issues. Also, the migration is more an account link than a one-time step, so even if you continue using miCoach after moving your data to Runtastic, all your new workouts will still be synchronized with Runtastic. That should ease the pain a bit for those who are already committed to a training plan on miCoach.

If you're a miCoach user, you can check all the details of the migration at the FAQ page linked below. Transitions can be difficult, especially if you're used to one app and one way of doing things, but this should be for the best... in the long run.

Alternate title: miCoach abandons the team, tells everyone to go train with Runtastic

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