Back in December, we reported on an issue afflicting certain Google Pixel handsets, whereby the speaker would make a 'popping' sound, otherwise described as a harsh clipping, when watching videos or listening to music with the sound at a specific volume. However, not all devices were affected, and it was unclear what exactly was causing the problem.

In the recent February security update, this seems to have been at least partially solved. According to a thread on /r/GooglePixel, many users are saying the issue is no more after testing on a trailer for The Mummy. Others are saying it has not been fixed, and it is still happening, as bad as it was before, although those commenting it has gone as of this month seem to outweigh the people whose devices still have the issue. It's important to note that the problem was not apparent on all Pixels in the first place; however, it's not really clear what has been causing it, and nothing appears to link the devices afflicted. No one at Android Police had a Pixel with the popping sound, so it is hard for us to personally verify it.

If you've got a Pixel, let us know in the comments if 1) you had the issue 2) if it's been fixed by the February update. Use the trailer of The Mummy to check, and try a range of different volumes, taking it up to maximum, in order to ensure a fair and equal test as much as we can.

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