Sometimes companies get it wrong - it's a fact of life, that we all make mistakes. While this is true, some are totally inexcusable, such as this example from Optimum support agents when dealing with a question from a customer (and Android Police reader). The regional US company provides internet, phone, and TV service to New York, Cleveland, and Boston.

The customer/reader in question, Matthew O'Sullivan, tweeted Optimum to ask when Android Nougat support will be arriving on its app. Optimum answered by saying Nougat support is not 'mainstream.' Now, it would seem that Optimum was referring to the distribution numbers from January, where it states only 0.7% of phones run Nougat. From what we can deduce (and it seems Matthew came to the same conclusion too), Optimum confused the purpose of those statistics: the company must have thought that these referred to the amount of apps which support, or run, on Nougat. If this was the case, there would be no point in developers adding Nougat support to such a small proportion of the Android ecosystem. However, as we know, that's not what the monthly numbers mean at all.

The next tweet from Optimum confirms this. Of course, we (as in readers of this blog) know that most apps will run on Nougat, and it is relatively rare that an app will not. However, Optimum's support agents do not know this. To the support agents, if you're reading this: it's not your fault. Optimum as a company should have known this and trained you with the relevant knowledge before the mistake could be made.

It doesn't help when the Optimum apps are not really very good. With a rating of 3.6 / 5 for the main Optimum app, which looks like it was ported directly from iOS, plus the issue of support not knowing how the platform works, it is clear Optimum needs to re-align its strategy on Android.

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