What if businesses could leverage the power of Google Search to find internal information faster than ever before? Cue Google Cloud Search, the answer to that question. Replacing the service formerly known as Springboard, this new product uses machine learning to provide a unified experience across the G Suite.

Proactive recommendations and unified queries are the hallmarks of Cloud Search. The app will supply assist cards when you open it to help you stay on top of things. These are meant to be timely and relevant so as to reduce time wasted. As the product learns, more cards will be added to improve usability and effectiveness.

Cloud Search is also bringing an overhauled directory feature. Upon finding someone, you will see his or her contact details, as well as any events or files that you both might share. On top of this, security will remain a top priority. G Suite's file sharing permissions will remain intact and observed, so users can easily find the files to which they have access.

Google Cloud Search will be rolling out to G Suite Business and Enterprise editions. The team promises that more neat things will be added in the months to come, like when G Suite and Box teamed up last fall. The Springboard app linked below has not been updated yet to reflect the changes, or perhaps Google will just release an entirely new app to commemorate the occasion.

Google Cloud Search
Google Cloud Search
Developer: Google LLC
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