What would another week be without two price drops on a game and an app in the Play Store? And this week's selection is interesting, if maybe not as popular among the geek crowd as last week's Twilight Pro.

The app is Weather 14 Days Pro and guess what it does... Weather, yeah, I know, mind-blowing. It's the official app for theweather.com's website and has detailed hourly forecasts for 14 days in over 250000 locations in the world. The app has widgets, notifications, maps, radars, satellites, and a nice Material Design aesthetic.

The game is Dark Echo, a sound and visual puzzle game with an immersive environment, a reliance on echoes to figure out the obstacles in your path, an evil entity lurking in the shadows, and an excellent rating and review score on the Play Store.

Weather 14 Days Pro usually costs $1.99, while Dark Echo is $0.99. Both are now available for EUR 0.10 in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, GBP 0.10 in the UK, AUD 0.20 in Australia, PLN 0.50 in Poland, MXN 1.00 in Mexico, RON 0.70 in Romania. Dark Echo is also down to INR 10 in India and BRL 0.40 in Brazil. They might also be discounted in a few other countries, but the deals don't seem to be available in Canada or the US.

Dark Echo
Dark Echo
Developer: RAC7
Price: $1.99