There's a reason why so many were excited for Samsung Pay's debut on the Gear S3 - it's a lot more convenient to pay with your wrist than your phone, which you have to pull out of your pocket. Android Pay has been speculated to be coming to Wear for a while now, but it may finally be available tomorrow, the rumored date for Android Wear 2.0's release.


The last time we heard about Pay on Wear was when Cody uncovered some new strings in a Play Services 10.0 teardown back in November, but we'd seen hints of this all the way back in July with Play Services 9.4. The screenshots were definitely added recently, too; a quick consultation with the trusty Wayback Machine reveals that they were inserted sometime after February 1st.

Anyhow, those of you who already have NFC-equipped watches or are looking to buy the as of yet-unannounced Google watches should have something to look forward to tomorrow. Wear 2.0's been delayed pretty heavily, so it's nice to see new features finally begin to materialize.