Alexa Voice Service (AVS) has been available in the United States for sometime now, but today Amazon is expanding the availability to UK and German developers, while also announcing a new version of Logitech's ZeroMount smartphone car holder.

This means both language and region-specific services are now available to developers in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Germany. AVS enables the integration of Alexa into any device with a microphone and speaker, leading to a proliferation of announcements and products with Alexa at CES last month. This availability follows the release of the Amazon Echo in the UK and Germany in September. Anecdotally, these appear to have been popular; a few people I know, both techy and non-techy, now have Amazon Echos in their homes.

The other piece of news here is the re-release of the ZeroMount smartphone dock, from Logitech. This now has Alexa built-in, so you can ask it stuff while driving. Neat, I guess, if you like that kind of thing. As far as I can see, this is the same version as before, only now with Alexa added to it. This is available in both the UK and the US, with a German release coming soon.

You can try Alexa's new British/UK English and German capabilities out at Otherwise, developers: you know what to do. Get building apps that answer what Tube train I should get, or something. It's up to you.