Because Google vastly underestimated the number of people who would want a Pixel smartphone, many had, or have had, delayed shipments - some up to 2 months - and other issues with actually getting their hands on the device they had purchased. Telus even sent out an email saying Google had stopped production, although this was later proved false. To make up for this, Verizon, the exclusive carrier for the Pixel, has started sending out Daydream View headsets to "a subset" of its customers.

For people who experienced late shipping on their Pixel (although it's not clear what exactly 'late' means in this context), they will receive a phone call from a number, (844) 340-4325, which is a third-party service being used by Verizon for this very purpose. The company will either talk to you, or leave a voicemail, confirming your details and the Daydream View shipping. They will not ask for any personal information. The VR headset will then turn up a couple days later. Digital Trends says Verizon is offering the headset as a "thank you" note for customers who have stayed loyal, and not cancelled orders.

If you're a Verizon customer with a Pixel, there's not much you can do apart from either waiting for a phone call, or a package arriving on your doorstep. If you receive neither, you've not been lucky this time. For its part, Verizon has said the Pixel has been "very popular," and I'd imagine Google is pretty happy with the popularity of the product line too.