Copying and pasting text on any mobile operating system is kind of a pain, and Android is no different in this regard. Though text selection on our beloved OS has improved over the years, it's still just not an enjoyable experience. However, for those of you that use Chrome and copy URLs often, there's now a feature that may just become a staple of your lives.

There are countless gripes with copy-pasting on Android that I could list, but let's just cut to the chase. Simply hit the three-dot menu on the top right of Chrome, click the (i), long-press the URL from there, and voila! You've got yourself a URL copied.


Sure, you could go through Android's share to apps system instead, but that menu is slow to populate and frequently makes you tap the wrong thing when the top 8 apps jump to the top. This method is far easier if you're just copying a URL.

Enjoy your life-changing tip of the day!

Our helpful commenters chimed in with tips of their own. Here they are:

  • Long-pressing the address bar is inconsistent; however, tapping the address bar and then long-pressing the URL is fairly reliable.
  • In Chrome Custom Tabs, long-pressing the title of the webpage you're on instantly copies the URL.
  • Long-pressing the three dot menu and then sliding over to the (i) shortens this tip to two steps.
  • On pages equipped with HTTPS, tapping the lock button brings you directly to the secure connection page, at which point you can simply long-press the URL and copy it.

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