We've not had a Humble Mobile Bundle since November, so it looks like it's time for another one. In this bundle are RPGs, including a Star Wars title and two Shadowrun games.

Paying more than $1 will net you three games; Symphony of Eternity, Doom of Destiny, and Evoland. The first, Symphony of Eternity, is an anime fantasy role-playing adventure, which has the classic top-down, pixel art approach. It's $3.99 on the Play Store, so... yeah. Doom of Destiny (these titles are like some awful self-published fantasy series) is described as the 'nerdiest adventure of your life' on the Play Store. It looks like a dungeons and dragons type game, once again with the top-down, Pokémon art style. Evoland, meanwhile, is incredibly meta, taking you through the history of RPGs, in an RPG. Cool.

In the second tier, we've got Wayward Souls, Shadowrun Returns, and Adventure Bar Story, with more on the way in approximately six days. Wayward Souls is from Noodlecake, with procedurally generated random levels and six completely different and independent characters. Shadowrun Returns is set in the future, with a very steampunk aesthetic of man meeting machine meeting magic. Lastly, Adventure Bar Story is another animé classic in which your character owns and runs a bar.

Finally, we come to the third tier. This has Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - which I can testify is a genuinely great game - set 4000 years before the Galactic Republic, with thousands of Jedi masters losing to the Sith. Shadowrun: Dragonfalls is the Director's Cut of the game, meaning it's a standalone release of the critically acclaimed DLC for the main game.

Altogether, these titles cost $44 on Google Play. At the time of writing, you can get all eight for $6 on Humble Bundle. I'd say that's pretty damn good. Hit up the source link to throw your monies at the screen, if that's your thing, or otherwise just get your credit card out, and get paying playing.