The great thing about 360 cameras is they can capture a moment in time from literally all angles, seeing as they're 360°. If you like the sound of that, take a look at this: Samsung's dust and water resistant Gear 360 is currently down to $225.99 on Amazon, which equates to $125 off the launch price of $350.

This is probably because 360 cameras are seen as a bit niche by most of the population. It is true that not everyone needs one; the simple fact of the matter is that not everybody has to take a photo in 360°. However, everyone should want one, and that's the point here - they're such a cool item to have in your technology inventory. As the price previously lowered to $273, then $260, it is looking like Samsung is dropping the cost until it can find a low enough price point where people will buy one, instead of saying "ooh, that looks cool," and then moving on. The Gear 360 produces 30 megapixel images from two 180° cameras, which take two images simultaneously and stitch them both together. Video, meanwhile, is almost 4K - 3840x1920, to be exact.

The deal is available on Amazon, so if you're interested, hit up the source link. If you're planning on buying one, though, make sure you take a look from all angles.