A since-deleted tweet published by former Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster - who, I will note with great sadness, has apparently unblocked me on Twitter - shows an image of a damaged building and a thoroughly deformed Tesla. Also revealed in the photo is the site of what can only be described as an ongoing collision of money and poor decision-making, Cyanogen Inc, now apparently known as Andrasta.

We'd long suspected Andrasta was the new face of Cyanogen (this has been sitting in our to-do tracker well over a month pending confirmation), but McMaster's tweet last week confirmed it. See 'exhibit A,' a photo from McMaster's tweet.


Zoom in on the door of the building, which matches the known address of Cyanogen Inc's Palo Alto office (301 High St., if anyone is curious - their lease doesn't expire until 2018, and they are the only tenant), and you see a logo.


Which is very clearly a match for the hero image of this post, screencapped from Andrasta's website, here. You can also see their many job listings on LinkedIn right here. Below, what we will call 'exhibit B' isn't technically relevant to the new name, but is still amusing.


It's unclear just whose Tesla this is. However, a vehicle of the same color with the same rims is in the current Google Street View of the same parking lot dated October 2016, so it could belong to a member of the Cyanogen/Andrasta team. It is not known to us just what the new Andrasta company will be doing, and given they have substantial leftover cash from the Cyanogen days, we may not learn much about the new direction for some time.

Also, if you know whose Tesla that is (i.e., if it is Kirt McMaster's), feel free to chime in.

Alternate title: Tesla shocks stealthy startup into unplanned announcement