We don't really know how popular Google Home is, although it's got a lot of things missing, such as sending text messages and identifying songs. However, presumably so people start buying them, Google has reduced the price of the different bases by half, to $10 for the cheaper fabric ones and $20 for the metal variants.

That means the mango, marine, and violet bases, which are made from fabric, are only $10 instead of $20. While the latter is maybe a little much, the former seems like a steal. Meanwhile, the carbon, copper, and snow bases, which are made from metal and, at least to my eyes, look much cooler, are $20. Again, $40 might be a little too much, but $20 is a pretty good price if you've got the money.

The promotion ends at midnight (GMT-8) on 18 Feb, and can not be used with any offers. If you're interested, hit up the source link below, although I doubt these will sell out too quickly.